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Industrial Environmental Solutions was started by Daniel Walch, PE. Dan is a registered Professional Engineer with over 35 years of experience solving complex air, water, and solid waste challenges in industry.

Dan started his career at the City of Toledo Bay View Water Reclamation Plant followed by thirteen years at Owens Corning in Corporate Environmental Affairs as Manager of Water Quality and Manager of Hazard Communication. During this time environmental compliance requirements were rapidly evolving and industrial solutions had to be developed to cost-effectively meet these new demands.

In his eighteen years in the enviromental consulting sector, Dan used these regulatory and engineering skills to help other industrial clients successfully meet their compliance challenges. He has worked for the hazardous waste disposal sector as well as the air and water purification equipment industry.

Dan specialized in Environmental, Safety and Health Compliance, Air Pollution Control and Wastewater Treatment. He has extensive experience in Federal, State and Local Environmental Permitting, Project Management and Business Site Selection. He has full working knowledge of current federal and state environmental laws and regulations related to liquid, solid, and airborne pollutants. 

Dan has authored numerous technical papers addressing wastewater treatment and recycle in manufacturing facilities, conducted technical presentations on waste minimization, hazardous waste and the impact of environmental issues on manufacturing plant operation and location decisions.

Dan’s past and present professional involvement includes:

  • National Society of Professional Engineers
  • Ohio Society of Professional Engineers
  • Engineers Foundation of Ohio
  • Professional Engineers of Oregon
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Technical Society of Toledo
  • Water Environment Federation

He has served the interests of Professional Engineers as President of the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers and in numerous official capacities as President-Elect, Secretary, and Legislative & Governmental Affairs. 

In the Water Environment Federation, Dan served on several national committees, including: Industrial Wastes Committee, Regulatory Affairs Committee and Annual Program Committee. Dan has a strong interest in business development, helping many business clients locate new operating facilities throughout the United States. 

Dan has written and presented many papers throughout his career including: 

  • Environmental Considerations in Manufacturing Locations,
  • California Proposition 65 Risk Determination from Formaldehyde,
  • Pretreatment of Industrial Wastes,
  • Isolation and Mass/Volume Reduction of Hazardous Waste,
  • Wastewater Reuse System for the Fiberglass Textile Industry,
  • Impact of Environmental Considerations on Manufacturing Decisions,
  • Engineering Needs in Site Selection, and
  • A Citizen Study of the City of Toledo: Division of Solid Waste

Shortly after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, Dan was certified to conduct Vulnerability Assessments for Public Water and Wastewater Systems using the Risk Assessment Methodology for Water (RAM-W) developed by the Sandia National Laboratories. He has performed regulatory impact analyses and prepared appropriate permits, negotiated effluent and emission limits and provided regulatory compliance assistance to numerous industrial clients, interfacing with legal counsel and regulatory agencies. He has directed the preparation of environmental impact statements for new projects and facility expansions. He has managed the removal of underground storage tanks, subsurface investigation and remediation projects, design of industrial wastewater treatment plant facilities, and managed development of spill prevention and emergency response programs. 

Selected Site Evaluation Experience:
State Department of Economic Development
Provided site development criteria for various end uses based upon previous design experience and site selection projects. Information included criteria for transportation, highway, rail, electric, natural gas, water, sewer, acreage, and zoning requirements.

Confidential Energy Provider
Evaluated 1100-acre green field site to determine suitability for development as a potential automotive assembly manufacturing site. Recommendations included broadening targeted end uses to include Tier 1 parts manufacturers and multi-use Supplier Park.

Confidential Auto Manufacturer
Site selection assistance for a new automobile manufacturing facility. Project included identifying and reviewing multiple site locations for the proposed facility, contacting state and local economic development offices, obtaining information on prospective sites, and coordination of economic business analysis involving labor, taxes, utilities and transportation on candidate properties. Approximately a dozen sites in four states were evaluated for this project. 

Confidential Food Manufacturer 
Site selection for a new pasta manufacturing facility. Project included developing site requirements for the proposed facility, contacting state and local economic development offices, obtaining information on numerous prospective sites, and coordination of economic business analysis involving labor, taxes, utilities and transportation on candidate properties. Approximately sixty locations in five states in the eastern U.S. were evaluated for this project. Economic business cost analyses were conducted on the top three sites to project operating costs.

Confidential Catalyst Manufacturer
Site selection recommendation for a new catalyst manufacturing facility. Project included developing site requirements for a proposed facility allowing for future growth and expansion potential.

Selected Environmental Treatment Experience:
City of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio
Project Manager for a new 140-foot diameter secondary clarifier at Bay View WWTP. Project required evaluation of process hydraulics to alleviate existing pump performance issues. Flow balancing with existing clarifiers was critical to allow peak flow handling during storm flow events.

Project Manager for new screening and grit facility structural, mechanical, electrical, architectural, and controls systems. Facility is being designed to accommodate 192 MGD. Total project construction cost is $13.9 MM.

Project Manager for modifications to Bay View WWTP pumping station electrical, and controls to increase pump capacity.

Project involves adding power for a new 36 MGD pump and adding variable frequency drives to two existing pumps. Total project cost is $30 MM.

Project manager for design of two new remote pumping stations, one at 10 MGD and the other 20 MGD. Total project cost is $3 MM.

Project Manager and Lead RAM-W Vulnerability Assessment Investigator of City’s Public Water System.

Project Manager for multi-year controls and instrumentation support contract to City. Certified to perform RAM-W Vulnerability Assessments as of 2002.

Project Manager for new final effluent pump station for structural, mechanical, electrical, architectural, and controls systems. Facility is being designed to handle 232 MGD.
Representative Projects:
FDS Coke Plant, Toledo, Ohio
Project Manager for a new “State of the Art” coke making facility. Project is being designed on a fast track basis in conjunction with a major construction contractor. Project involves plant layout, utility locations, internal roadways, manufacturing process support. Plant is being designed as a “Zero Storm Water Discharge” facility. Storm water collected on site will be collected and used within the manufacturing process. High pressure steam and major electrical distribution is included. Total Project construction cost estimated at $600 MM.

Dana Corporation, Antwerp, Ohio
Project Manager for the design of a new 120 gpm wastewater treatment system for the removal of heavy metals from plating operation discharges. Stringent effluent limitations required a system capable of meeting a non-detect level of compliance. Design incorporated automatic control technology to minimize labor costs. 

GenCorp Inc., Toledo, Ohio
Project Manager for PCB remediation of subsurface contamination. Provided oversight and technical consulting services on multiphase PCB soil contamination. Project required preparation of bid specifications and drawings, solicitation of contractor quotes, selection of remediation contractor and field personnel for duration of project. Project involved excavation and off-site disposal of 5,500 cubic yards of PCB contaminated soil and remediation of 1,500 feet of PCB contaminated storm sewer. 

Vlasic Foods, Inc., Imlay City, Michigan 
Design for major waste water treatment facility upgrade. Project required oxygen-sag stream modeling to determine acceptable effluent requirements to protect the receiving stream.

Occidental Chemical Corporation, Kenton, Ohio
Comprehensive performance evaluation of the plant’s industrial wastewater treatment facility. Improvements included nutrient addition, sludge conditioning and dewatering, and improved biological aeration. 

Owens Corning, Anderson, South Carolina
Conducted EPA demonstration project for “Zero Discharge” of industrial wastewater at a fibrous glass textile manufacturing plant. Project involved addition of sand filtration, activated carbon tertiary treatment, disinfection and effluent reuse in plant water systems. Received EPA funding of demonstration project and authored a research publication through the federal government.

Confidential Client, Pennsylvania 

  • Development of a new manufacturing facility for a Major Food Manufacturer. Project included developing site requirements for the proposed facility, contacting state and local economic development offices, obtaining information on numerous prospective sites, and coordination of economic business analysis involving labor, taxes, utilities and transportation on candidate properties. Sixty locations in five states in the eastern U.S. were evaluated for this project. Phase I Environmental and Wetland Assessments were conducted on the top two sites. Economic business cost analysis and environmental analyses were conducted to minimize cost and environmental impacts.
  • Comprehensive environmental permitting for a new manufacturing facility for a major food manufacturer. Project included permitting for air quality, wastewater discharge, solid waste disposal, and storm water management. Permit applications required air quality BACT analyses be conducted. 
  • Walch, D.R., "Hazardous Waste Isolation and Mass/Volume Reduction", Proceedings of the Hazardous Waste Symposium, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio, 1981. 

Honda of America Mfg., Inc., Marysville and East Liberty, Ohio

  • Pollution control tax credit applications for air and water pollution control systems at three (3) locations. Project required full technical knowledge of air pollution control systems for dust collection, VOC thermal incineration, and paint booth over-spray control. Water pollution control systems included hexavalent chromium reduction and removal, primary parallel plate solids separators, pressure filter sludge dewatering, soluble heavy metals removal, and oil/water separators. Project detailed over $40 million of certifiable pollution control equipment.
  • Storm water pollution prevention plans for the entire 8,700 acre manufacturing site. Site inspection and evaluation of storm water run-off from manufacturing areas. Identified existing Best Management Practices (BMP) and developed additional recommended BMPs. Prepare site plans documenting storm water drainage patterns and management practices.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive BACT study of automotive paint booth and paint oven emission control technology. Project included analysis of various State/Federal EPA files and permit applications under the Freedom of Information Act of other automobile manufacturers.

Occidental Chemical Corporation, Kenton, Ohio
Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of the plant’s activated sludge industrial wastewater treatment system over a seven-month period. The evaluation identified specific areas to improve performance including nutrient addition, control of high strength sources, use of COD for operational control, improved chemical conditioning for sludge dewatering, and replacement of facility's 15-year old vacuum filter with a continuous belt pressure filter.

Ohio Department of Transportation, Wood County Ohio
Phase I Environmental assessment prior to relocation of Simmons Road associated with WOO75-27.86. Project required review of adjacent property owners and land use to determine potential for environmental contamination.

Williams County, Williams County, Ohio
Level I ecological survey conducted prior to replacement of the Lockport Road Bridge located near Stryker, Ohio. Project required identification of potential wetlands, identification of endangered species, identification of all plant and animal species found at the site and an analysis of the aquatic and terrestrial ecologies that may be impacted by the project.

Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation:
Manager, Hazard Communication
Managed the company's right-to-know programs covering employees, communities, and consumers under numerous federal and state regulations; including OSHA Hazard Communication Programs, EPA SARA and Community Right-To-Know Programs and State programs such as California's Proposition 65. Conducted environmental risk assessments for the manufacture and use of company products. Responsibilities covered 60 domestic and international manufacturing plants.

Manager, Water Quality
Managed the company's environmental wastewater and groundwater programs. Negotiated wastewater discharge permits, conducted groundwater and subsurface investigations, prepared spill prevention programs, developed wastewater recycle systems, and managed remedial and corrective action plans. Responsible for consent order compliance programs, pilot testing, agency negotiation, and final compliance evaluation. Served as the company's technical expert witness on water quality related legal issues. Conducted numerous environmental site assessments and environmental audits of manufacturing facilities. Conducted numerous business site selection evaluations for new manufacturing facilities, including "greenfield" and existing sites.

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